Everything Is Better in Texas – Even Education!

The Texas education system has some strengths and challenges like any other state in the US. While there are certainly areas where improvement is needed, there are several factors that contribute to its relative success:

  • Funding: Texas spends a significant amount of money on education. In the 2021-2022 biennium, Texas allocated over $45 billion to public education, making it one of the largest educational budgets in the country.
  • High Standards: Texas has high academic standards for its students, which are regularly reviewed and revised to ensure that they are rigorous and relevant.
  • Accountability: Texas has a rigorous system of accountability for schools and educators. Schools are rated on a scale from A-F, with ratings based on student achievement, student progress, and other factors.
  • School Choice: Texas has several school choice options, including charter schools and open enrollment policies that allow students to attend schools outside their assigned districts. This gives parents and students more options and flexibility in choosing the school that best fits their needs.
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE): Texas has a robust CTE system that allows students to develop technical and vocational skills that can lead to high-demand, high-wage careers.

Education is the foundation for children and is one of the most important factors that can sway the decision to move into a new area, and Texas has been able to provide its residents with ease in that category. Overall, the Texas education system is known for its high standards, accountability, and funding, which sets it apart from other states.

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