Sherman-Denison Area Welcomes Exciting New Apartment Developments 

Sherman-Denison Area Welcomes Exciting New Apartment Developments

In North Texas, apartment construction is booming like never before. More than 72,000 new rental units are in progress. However, what’s catching everyone’s eye is the Sherman-Denison area. 

This area is going through a major growth spurt and has 1,700 new apartments under construction. To put that in perspective, it’s like sprouting up 33% of all the existing apartments there! 

But why is the Sherman-Denison area experiencing this sudden surge? If you have this question in mind, know that we did too. And the answer is really not what you think it is. There’s a very special reason behind this situation. Read more for the details!

What is Being Built in the Sherman-Denison Area?

Sherman-Denison area has long been a hub of information technology and manufacturing industries. However, recently, two global giants have been building their semiconductor plants there. 

  1. Texas Instruments

In Sherman-Denison, Texas Instruments is working on something huge. They’re building some of the largest chip factories that will take up space as big as 24 football fields. And they aren’t just making one factory; they’re making four of them. 

These factories will create chips to meet the ever-growing demand in the global market. This will bring around 3,000 new jobs and billions of dollars in investments.

In November 2022, Sherman won the bid for this project, beating Singapore. It means Texas Instruments will keep its roots in Texas, which is great news for the area. The construction has already started, and they’re hoping to finish the first factory by 2025.

  1. GlobiTech

GlobiTech is also setting up a new factory in Sherman, Texas. Doris Hsu, the Chairman/CEO of GlobalWafers Co., Ltd., mentioned it’s going to be a top-notch, high-tech factory making 300-millimeter silicon wafers. 

This big project will bring around 1,500 new jobs and lots of money, billions actually, for investments. To support this, GlobiTech got a $15 million grant from the Texas Enterprise Fund. Also, they’re offered a $10,000 bonus for creating jobs for veterans. 


How Does this Affect Sherman-Denison?

The arrival of these semiconductor giants in Sherman-Denison means big changes. With around 4500+ new jobs coming, more people will move to the place. There will be a boom in the real estate market as:

  • Local workers will want to move closer to the facility.
  • Internationally hired employees will need a residence for relocation.

Expect a surge in buying and selling homes as the area gets busier. To cater to the incoming residents, lots of new apartments are currently being built. That’s good news for investors and buyers looking for promising opportunities in real estate. 

Overall, it’s a major shift bringing more jobs, more people, and plenty of chances for growth in the housing market.

Is Sherman-Denison a Good Place to Invest?

The Sherman-Denison area stands as a promising investment place for several compelling reasons. 

First of all, the region offers a balanced lifestyle. It boasts a blend of urban conveniences and a more relaxed, community-oriented atmosphere.

The area’s strategic location within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex ensures accessibility to big-city amenities while preserving a quieter, suburban ambiance. This proximity to major cities provides diverse entertainment options, cultural experiences, and career opportunities while allowing residents to retreat to a more tranquil setting.

Also, Sherman-Denison’s economic growth –  particularly in the semiconductor industry – has led to job creation. This makes it an attractive hub for career-minded individuals and families seeking employment prospects.

Moreover, there are hundreds and thousands of apartments being built to accommodate these people. Since they are under construction, the value is far less than what it would be once both the apartment and semiconductor facilities are completed. So, for investors, this is the right time to make the move!

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