Say Goodbye to these 5 Restaurants in DFW

restaurants in DFW

From Medittarean salads to loaded beef burgers, DFW is a hub of amazing food places. You can find a diversity of cuisines and restaurants. But with so much competition, it’s hard for some businesses to keep striving. In today’s post, let’s have a look at the top 5 restaurants in DFW that will be closing down this year + the reason behind the big move. Read more!

Mandarin by Howard Wan

This family-owned Chinese business was located in Hillcrest Village – a popular food place in Far North Dallas. The eatery offered a scenic view of a $4.3 million green area and a playground along Arapaho Road.

It also had the best Chinese dishes on the menu. General Tsao’s chicken, fried rice, and sesame chicken are just some of the amazing delicacies that people love eating there. Sadly, Mandarin closed its doors for DFW on December 1st, 2023. 

The reason behind this has yet to be revealed by the managing authorities. However, we do know that the business will still operate in Preston Hollow. 

Original Fireside Pies

Original Fireside Pies was opened by Tristan Simon and Nick Badovinus in 2004. Since then the restaurant has been sold several times, but the name and the way the restaurant operates has remained the same. 

Located on Henderson Avenue, the locals describe this place as a staple in their routine. You would find diners filled with Original Fireside Pies every single day. However, the restaurant was still struggling to stay aloft. 

Before the 2020 global pandemic, Fireside Pies had even better revenue generation and sales. They opened multiple stores across Dallas, including Fort Worth and Grapevine. The Henderson Avenue branch was their flagship store.

Sadly, the loss during the lockdown had cost Fireside Pies a lot. The team tried to recover the sales but couldn’t. They finally closed their doors in October of 2023. 

Fiction Coffee

Fiction Coffee hasn’t really closed down. Instead, it is slowly growing through a transition and will soon reopen with a brand new name and probably a changed menu too. 

A famous restauranteur from North Texas (Elias Pope) bought the Fiction Coffee store in Deep Ellum earlier this year. Under his supervision, the name has been replaced with CCB Coffee and the branch continues serving their popular lattes in the same style. 

However, the Fiction Coffee branch at Ross Avenue closed its doors on December 8th. Two other branches in Houston and Victory Park also closed earlier this year. The reason behind it hasn’t been formally discussed or revealed but the coffee shop wasn’t obviously doing well. 


Thunderbird Station

The Thunderbird Station served Deep Ellum for 3 long years. This amazing food place was previously a filling station. It stayed this way until the new owner (Kim Finch) transformed it into a bar. 

Don’t be mistaken, though. Thunderbird Station wasn’t just any bar –  it had a unique garage theme. The huge triangular roof, spacious patio, and thrilling garage-themed interior made everyday meals absolutely exciting!

Sadly, the bar wasn’t making as much money as Kim Finch expected. The expenses were exceeding revenues and Finch was forced to go into debt. Since there was no scope for the bar to be successful, Finch closed Thunderbird Station on November 28th, 2023.  


The District was popular for its wines and whiskeys. They served a variety of dishes along with the best drinks. You would find cheesy pizzas, Korean chicken wings, potato fritters, and even Spanish octopus. There was also a happy hour campaign during which the restaurant reduced the prices of their items. You could buy any appetizer and glass of wine for $8!

What’s more, the restaurant was the first District branch to open outside California. So, the food and hospitality standards were pretty well-maintained. However, this Texas branch did not survive the competition posed by restaurants in DFW. 

The company hasn’t yet confirmed the cause of the shutdown, but they have declared that the District will only be operating in Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco. 

Do you have any memorable experiences at these 5 restaurants in DFW? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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