Netze Homes: This Dallas Company Turns Old Cars into Luxury Homes!

Luxury cars are commonly used to increase home-buying prospects. 

A survey from Avis concluded that 57% of people consider a home desirable when a premium car is parked in the driveway, and well, BMW went one step ahead and proved this with its 2020 Stage Your Driveway campaign. 

But, hey, have you ever heard about a company turning cars into luxury homes? Sounds totally impossible, right? 

Well, we are proud to introduce you to Netze Homes! 

This Dallas-based company has brought the revolutionary concept to life and forever changed the way the construction industry views its impact on the environment. Let’s dive into how Netze Homes is making this possible!

The Concept 

The construction sector contributes a whopping 39% of carbon emissions into the world’s atmosphere. This doesn’t include the impact of thousands of trees being chopped down to build residential properties yearly.

You can probably imagine the extent of damage done to the environment through our building industry. 

But does this mean humans should stop making homes? Definitely not!

This type of problem calls for an alternative building means that can preserve our world resources and environment while allowing us to create accommodation for the ever-growing population. 

And Netze Homes has come up with just the right solution!

The innovative company has replaced lumber and wood with recycled steel. Instead of turning the old cars into scrap, Netze Homes extracts steel and other building materials from them to construct non-wood structures. 

This results in a stronger, cheaper, and more eco-friendly house structure. The risk of fire and termite infestation is also reduced – since steel doesn’t contain any organic, flammable compound.

In case you’re still wondering, Netze Homes also provides insight into its work process. Here’s how they make unshakable steel buildings:

  • Advanced Cold-Formed Steel Software (FRAMECAD): The use of advanced design software allows accurate and sturdy construction.
  • Offsite Component Manufacturing: The pieces that make up the steel frame are made in a different place before being put together. This makes things quicker, more exact, and cheaper.
  • Gravity and Seismic Design: The recycled steel structure is made to stay steady even if there’s an earthquake. It can handle heavy weight and shaking, so people inside stay safe.

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Netze Homes Projects  

According to Mitchell Parton of the Dallas Morning News, Netze Homes plans to build 300 houses using recycled steel in 2024. But for this year (2023), the production capacity is limited to 150 houses only. 

So, if you wish to purchase a Netze Home in Texas, you need to be quick and firm in your decision. These innovative properties won’t stay on the market for long!

Here’s a brief overview of the Netze Home projects currently available for booking:

The Oaks – Corinth, TX

Located in Corinth, the OAKS is a prairie-style green-pocket community that comprises 17 distinct homes. It merges contemporary and transitional designs for next-gen living. 

Each home’s strong geometry creates a unique, striking presence. This community fosters intergenerational connections, promoting a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle for thriving together.

Aero Village – Krum, TX

The Aero Village is designed specifically for aviation enthusiasts and professionals. This Krum-based community will feature 14 luxurious homes with over 1 acre of land space and private hangars.

The residents will also gain privileged access to Bird Dog Airfield. This prime location offers a perfect balance of countryside serenity and city conveniences –  just miles from Denton’s finest amenities.

Ryan Woods – Denton, TX

Ryan Woods is situated right in Denton – making the place a tranquil retreat for the residents. It comprises 9 ultra-modern and spacious houses. Each property features 4 bedrooms and a generous 16,000 sqft lot, which offers space for your private oasis.

The Rows – Mckinney, TX

The Rows is an upscale townhome development in McKinney, Texas. Nestled at the crossroads of Silverado Trail and McKinney Ranch Parkway, it boasts modern architecture and refined finishes for a lavish living experience. 

The Dawn – Melissa, TX

The Dawn offers something special for every lifestyle. It features 5-bedroom houses with spacious living spaces, premium finishes, and modern amenities for ultimate comfort. The prime Melissa location also allows you to enjoy easy access to abundant shopping, dining, and entertainment options. 

Prototype – Lewisville, TX

Located in Lewisville, Prototype is the last housing project from Netze Homes. It offers a 3-bedroom luxury home in mid-century modern style. The property also provides 2.5 bathroom space and huge 3-car garages. 

Note: You can book a visit to the site and examine everything personally. The details are present on their official website here.

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