Alcon Labs Plans an Expansion Worth $100 Million in DFW

Alcon Labs is a global company that specializes in eye care products and technologies. It also produces pharmaceuticals and surgical equipment. However, while Alcon operates worldwide, its major presence is in Texas, US. 

It is one of the biggest taxpayers and employers in Tarrant County. And guess where is its headquarters? In the heart of Dallas Fort Worth!

Recently, Alcon Labs announced its plans for a massive expansion in DFW. The estimated worth of the project is around $100 million. This can have a huge impact on Fort Worth’s economy and market conditions. 

So, without further ado, let’s discuss this matter in detail below!

Alcon Labs: A Brief Expansion History

Alcon Labs, short for Alcon Laboratories, has a rich history in the field of eye care that is marked by consistent growth and innovation. Its roots trace back to a small ophthalmic shop in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Robert Alexander and William Conner – two great pharmacists opened this shop in 1945 to develop pharmaceuticals and surgical equipment for eye care professionals. Their early years were committed to research and development, which laid the foundation for success. 

By 1950, Alcon introduced its first two products; Ophthalzin and Zincfrin. This marked the beginning of Alcon’s dedication to providing solutions for various eye conditions. It opened the first international office in Canada and expanded its geographical reach. 

In the coming decades, the company made significant strides in the development of innovative surgical instruments, particularly for cataract surgery. It also diversified its offerings and established itself as a key player in the eye care industry.

The 1970s and 1980s saw Alcon’s boom in global expansion as it entered multiple international markets. Companies like Nestle also stepped in to acquire shares. 

In the 1990s, Alcon built many factories and research departments. Its main Fort Worth campus was based on 150-acre land and had more than 2500 employees. To date, it serves as the company headquarters in the US.

However, that’s not the only headquarters. Alcon Labs is a Swiss-American company with operations in 60+ countries. Its main headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. 

What Are the Plans for Alcon Expansion?

Alcon Labs has been growing ever since its birth in 1945. The company recently announced its plans to invest around $100 million in constructing a new manufacturing facility near its existing campus in Fort Worth, Texas.

The facility will cover 250,000 square feet and will be located about eight miles south of downtown, off Interstate 35W. This will make it one of the major commercial real estate projects in DFW.

However, note that the company is still in the early stages of discussing the project. It will meet the city’s Development Services staff to address zoning requirements and site-specific issues later this month.

What’s confirmed is that the proposed site (spanning 135 acres) is situated east of Alcon Laboratories’ current campus along East Altamesa Boulevard. This area is already under the ownership of the company. 

Additionally, there are expectations that Alcon will play a significant role in the future Texas A&M-Fort Worth campus expansion, which is valued at $320 million.

How Does this Affect DFW?

Alcon’s Fort Worth campus has more than 4,500 employees as of 2023. This makes it the 8th biggest employer and the 2nd biggest industrial taxpayer in Tarrant County, Texas. That’s a huge position to have in DFW!

We expect that the new expansion plan will drastically increase tax revenues, and Alcon will potentially move up the ranks in the county. However, we can’t be sure of how many new job opportunities will be made available. 

The project sketches show that the new facility will have a new gated entrance for employees near Altamesa Boulevard. There might also be a new warehouse and 640 parking spaces. This suggests a considerable boost in job openings for DFW people. 

It’s also possible that professionals from other places will be relocated to DFW for the new work facility. So, we might see a boom in the residential real estate market too!

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